Construction and Renovation Projects

Renovation of a building, like the construction of a new building, requires going through important and principled steps, and not paying attention to it will eventually lead to many problems. Iran Stand Design team with a history of carrying out various construction projects, suggests not to do any demolition and renovation in different parts of old and even new buildings without knowledge and expertise because it may destroy important columns and walls of the building, which will be very dangerous. . To avoid possible problems, it is better to follow the steps correctly. The main stages for doing this are as below:

  • Determining the final budget for the construction or renovation of the building until the completion of the project
  • List the desired wishes and changes
  • Consulting with professionals in the field of renovation and construction to review the building plan, cost and budget compliance with the required changes
  • Estimate the cost of building renovation by professional and experienced teams
  • Obtain the required permits from the municipality and relevant organizations
  • Evacuation of the building and demolition of various parts according to the plan designed by the renovation team and construction debris
  • Make changes such as changing the floor, ceiling, walls, painting and so on
  • Evacuating the remaining materials after completing the changes

Iran Stand Design and its Architecture team with a group of engineers and people with experience in the field of construction and renovation of buildings in Tehran and other cities are ready to provide advice and calculate the cost of renovation as well as construction projects. We will be with you at all stages as a companion and consultant