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Iran Stand Design (By Banian Omid Co.)

The Banian Omid designers group (Iran Stand Design), as an architectural development company, has started its activities in designing and implementing exhibition stands since 80s and the name of Iran Stand design was chosen as a commercial brand name since 2013.

Banian Omid designers group, in line with its long-term goals, has expanded its services for general and specialized exhibitions both inside and outside the country, designing and executing architectural projects and establishing and developing a complete supply chain for booths and pavilions.

Banian Omid designers group from the beginning of its professional activities with the help of a powerful and efficient engineering team, creative designers, and a variety of modern technology and equipment was able to design and execute exhibition stands in Tehran and other cities, as well as exhibitions abroad and become as one of the leading companies in the field of design and construction of exhibition stands.

It is worth mentioning that Iran Stand Design as the Department of stand design and construction of Banian Omid Company is a grade A member of the Exhibition Stand Builders Association of Tehran and has a stand design and construction certificate from the Tehran International Exhibition Center.

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The 17th Int’l Exhibition of Household Appliances

Title: The 17th Int’l Exhibition of Household Appliances

Venue: Tehran International Permanent Fairground, Tehran, Iran

Date: 25-28 Novamber 2017

Organizer: The Association of the Industries of Household Appliances of Iran

Website: http://www.iexhap.ir

Exhibition activities of Household Appliances Industry Association of Iran commenced with the start-up of trade fairs in January 1984 and continued by its active presence in Fajr Decade Fair of Islamic Revolution and expansive participation in international trade exhibitions from the tenth series to twenty-sixth series (1984-2000).
It is worth noting that the association founded a dedicated hall in the west side of Tehran International Fairground for the establishment of the rooms pertaining to the affiliated industries. This hall was used up to the sixteenth series of Tehran International Exhibition in 1989.
This organization constructed a dedicated area (Hall No. 60) at Tehran Fairground in 1991, which was used from the Seventeenth International Trade Fair of Tehran in 1991 to the twenty-second one in 1996.
The implementation, planning and organization, and participation the producing units of Iran household appliances in Cologne demo techniques exhibition, Germany were among the most important exhibition activities of the association at the request of Ministry of Industry and based on Export Promotion Center of Iran's license. In this exhibition, Islamic Republic of Iran’s booth was received the attention of Cologne Exhibition authorities as well as the economic and industrial officials. Then, the German radio Deutsche Welled interviewed the director of the association with regard to the execution of this exhibition and aired the pertaining news twice.
Among the most important exhibition activities of the exhibition, one can refer to the planning, organization, and attendance at the first cooperative exhibition in February, 1986, at two specialized heating and cooling exhibitions in 1993 and 1994, at the selective exhibition of export goods in June, 1998, the first and second International Exhibition of Household Appliances between 2001 and 2002, the specialized exhibition of gas export in September, 2003, consecutive periods of international exhibitions of household appliances, including the third series in January, 2004, the fourth and fifth series in January, 2005 and January, 2006, the sixth series in January, 2007, the seventh series in November, 2007, the eighth series in November, 2008, the ninth series in November, 2009, the tenth series in November, 2010, the eleventh series in October, 2011, the twelfth series in October, 2012, the thirteenth series in December, 2013, the fourteenth series in December, 2014, and the fifteenth series of international exhibition of household appliances in November, 2015. sixteenth international Exhibition of household appliances in November, 2016 and finally Planning and organization to hold the Seventeenth international exhibition of household appliances in the best possible way is one of the future plans of the association in November, 2017.
Moreover, the association had an active and effective participation in specialized industrial-trade exhibition of the Islamic Republic of Iran, which was held in Syria in January 2008. In the same way, it participated in the fifty-eighth international exhibition of Damascus, Syria, which was held in the framework of Catalogue Show in June 2011.

Iran Stand Design as one of the most experienced and most reliable stand constructor companies in the region would like to hereby inform you that we are ready to offer the best design and price with guaranteed high quality for your custom design stand.

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