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Custom Design Booth Form
  1. Type of Exhibition Stand
    Description  Economy (80 to 150 Euro per SQM) Business (150 to 300 Euro per SQM) Gold (more than 300 Euro per SQM)
    No Specifications
    1 Type of Design Normal Perfect Most Innovative
    2 Main Structure  Basic Materials (LDF) Suitable Materials (MDF) Perfect Materials (Covered MDF, High Glass , HDF or Wallpaper)
    3 Floor Finishes Ordinary Parquet or Carpet (limited color) Medium quality Parquet or Carpet (limited color) High level Parquet, Covered High Glass MDF or HDF or Carpet
    4 Structure Finishes Filler And Paints Filler And Acrylic Paints No painting required as its made of covered high quality material
    5 Lighting Basic Lighting Medium Level  Professional and Decorative Lighting
    6 Artwork Basic Printing Graphic Suitable Printing Graphic Light box High Quality Printing Graphic with Decorative Lighting
    7 Suspended Structure None None Yes
    8 Sign Board and Logos 2D Sticker 3D Sticker or Plexiglass Plexiglass or Glow Sign Board
    9 Furnitures Ordinary type of furniture (Limited color) Medium quality Furniture (Limited color) High quality Furniture 
    10 Electronic Devices Normal LCD Tvs (quantity and size may affect the cost) Normal LED Tvs (quantity and size may affect the cost) 4k LED or High quality Industrial Tvs
    11 Catering Equipment None Water Dispenser and Coffe Maker Water Dispenser, Coffe Maker, Tea Maker include Servant
    12 Hostess and Translator None None Yes (Number of Hostess and Translators depends on size of Stand)
  2. Stand Construction Type:*
    Please Specify Stand Structure Type
  1. Company Name :*
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  2. Company Address :*
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  3. Telephone :*
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  7. Person In Charge's Name :
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  8. Exhibition Title:*
    Please Enter Exhibition Title
    Example: The 16th International Paint, Resin, Coatings & Composites Fair
  9. Any Specific Color :
    رنگ سازمانی را به درستی انتخاب نمایید.
  10. Color :
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  11. Would you like to have a VIP room ?
    فضای وی آی پی را به درستی وارد نمایید.
  12. VIP Room Number & Specification :
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  13. Would you like to have discussion sets ?
    فضای مذاکرات را به درستی وارد نمایید.
  14. discussion sets Number & Specification :
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  15. Would you like to have a second floor ?
    سوال مربوط به طبقه دوم غرفه را به درستی پاسخ دهید.
  16. Second Floor Area :
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  17. Second Floor Specification :
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  18. Stand Area (SQM) :*
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  19. Dimension:
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  20. Upload Your Site Plan Here:
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    Maximum File Size: 2MB
  21. Stand Location:*
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  22. Hall Number:*
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  23. Would you like to have information counter ?
    سوال راجع به کانتر اطلاعات را به درستی پاسخ دهید.
  24. Information Counter Number :
    Invalid Information Counter Number !
  25. Information Counter Specification :
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  26. Would you like to have suspended structures ? (Only Hall 5)
    Please Choose !
  27. Suspended Structure Metrage :
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  28. Would you like to have product display unit?
    جایگاه نمایش نمونه کالا را به درستی وارد نمایید.
  29. product display unit size & specification :
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  30. Would you like to have storage area ?
    سوال راجع به انبار را به درستی پاسخ دهید.
  31. Storage Area Number :
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  32. Storage Area Size & Specification :
    مشخصات انبار را به درستی وارد نمایید.
  33. Would you like to have kitchen ?
    سوال راجع به آبدارخانه مجزا از انبار را به درستی پاسخ دهید.
  34. Kitchen Number :
    ابعاد آبدارخانه مجزا از انبار را به درستی وارد نمایید.
  35. Kitchen Size & Specification :
    مشخصات آبدارخانه مجزا از انبار را به درستی وارد نمایید.
  36. Would you like to have printed display ?
    سوال راجع به خدمات چاپ را به درستی پاسخ دهید.
  37. Printed Display Number :
    Invalid Printed Display Number !
  38. Printed Display Specification :
    Invalid Printed Display Specification !
  39. Would you exhibit any heavy machinery ?
    سوال مربوط به جایگاه خاص برای نمایش دستگاه سنگین را به درستی پاسخ دهید.
  40. Heavy Machinery Number :
    Invalid Heavy Machinery Number !
  41. Heavy Machinery Dimensions & Specifiaction :
    Invalid Heavy Machinery Specification !
  42. Would you require TV or any other electronic devices ?
    سوال مربوط به لوازم صوتی تصویری را به درستی پاسخ دهید.
  43. Size & Type :
    Invalid Size & Type !
  44. Documents (Company Logo, Graphic Artworks, etc...)
    Maximum File Size: 5MB
    Maximum File Size: 5MB
  45. Additional Description:
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  46. If you have any sample design you can forward it to us via "reg@iranstanddesign.com"
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