Exhibition Booth Design and Construction

Attending the exhibition as an exhibitor for companies and organizations has always been associated with the following decisions:

  • How to offer products and services in their exhibition booth design.
  • How to design the booth to attract more audiences and better display their products and services in it.

Iran Stand Design as the booth construction department of Banian Omid Company is proud of more than thirty years of experience in booth design and construction in various domestic and foreign exhibitions using experienced manpower in design, technical and executive departments in help facilitate the decisions makers and managers as The consultant.

Our goal in providing customer service:

  • Proportional and coordinated design of the booth with marketing goals of our clients and how to provide products and services to their customers with the best possible methods.
  • Use of appropriate and quality materials in the construction of the booth.
  • Proper design and timely delivery of the booth.
  • Consultant and accompanying the client during the exhibition.