Interior Design and Decoration

The purpose of interior design in residential, commercial and office buildings is to create a suitable, pleasant and attractive environment for living and performing daily work activities, which will ultimately lead to spiritual and material satisfaction and increase the productivity of people in their life and work.

Dissatisfaction with the living and working environment and its uniformity and coldness has an effect on the spirit and result of work, and this necessitates the use of creating appropriate spaces based on scientific principles.

Changing the geometric shape of living and working space by using modern materials with different colors and using scientific principles and methods in these changes, will increase the quality of life and improve productivity in activities.

Iran Stand Design, as the interior design and construction department of Banian Omid Company, using experienced manpower and using scientific technology in the design and implementation of home and commercial decoration will help you achieve your ideals and will be with you in all stages.

Iran Stand Design’s activity in the field of interior design includes four sections:

1- Home decoration design (house, apartment, villa)
2- Decoration design of commercial units (stores and shops of all industries)
3- Decoration design of office units (public and private companies)
4- Design of outdoor green spaces (yard, garden, roof garden and patio)

The company’s services in these three sections include:

  • Designing the desired location, providing technical and executive plans based on the approved plan.
  • Monitoring the implementation of the plan.
  • Execution of the project as a contractor by agreement.